Service to Mankind 
Derick Mason, Executive Director

  Sertoma Shop Inc. 
  222 S Memorial Dr.
  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112

Providing jobs for the handicapped   
in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area         
since 1976.                       


The mission of the SERTOMA S.H.O.P. is to provide vocational education, counseling, training and opportunity to adults with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities in the greater Tulsa community. Vocational services are provided to persons who’s disabilities range from severe to mild and moderate. An attempt is made to provide services to everyone who could benefit from them. Goals are established for each worker to help them maximize their potential for increased responsibilities, and to promote independence in their lives by providing instruction in living and communicative skills; many are also given housekeeping training. We hope to increase the quality of each person’s habilitation and through this, to enhance their quality of life. The Sertoma Shop provides Sheltered employment, Supported Employment and Life Skills training to eligible individuals with developmental disabilities. The Sertoma Shop also operates a cedar shim manufacturing facility. Sertoma Shop facilities are located in East Tulsa, and Owasso.