Service to Mankind 
Derick Mason, Executive Director

  Sertoma Shop Inc. 
  222 S Memorial Dr.
  Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112

Providing jobs for the handicapped   
in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area         
since 1976.                       


The Sertoma Shop operates 2 types of programs designed to train vocational and employment skills to adults with developmental disabilities. The programs are Sheltered Workshop and Supported Employment. These programs were designed to enable individuals with developmental disabilities an opportunity to be productive members of the community and give them a sense of pride in accomplishment.


A sheltered workshop is licensed to operate by the Federal Government through the auspices of the U.S. Dept of Labor. A license governing the operation of the S.H.O.P. and which imposes Federal standards of operation is issued annually after the S.H.O.P. undergoes a rigorous review of all policies, wage and hour records, and time study evaluation to make sure our agency is conforming to the requirements for a sheltered facility.

As such, it may pay its workers based on their actual measured productivity, which is often less than the minimum wage. It is assessed as a percentage of the wage for any gainful activity via a time study of the various mechanics of a specific job tasking. All records of time studies have to be maintained in the workshop for review by the Dept. of Labor at any time. Also, records of each client worker's production must be maintained daily and retained for a minimum of six years.


The S.H.O.P., which does not currently have a waiting list for persons desiring sheltered employment, admits persons over 18 years of age who are certified as having a developmental disability by competent medical authority. S.H.O.P. programs range from pre-vocational to community employment.

Work contracts which are solicited by the S.H.O.P. staff are serviced either at the S.H.O.P. or in the community at work sites or with work crews and enclaves of workers with disabilities. For example, the S.H.O.P. operates a Litter Crew which contracts with the state Dept of Transportation (DOT) for picking up litter along area highways. Their workload is monitored by the DOT for quality and quantity. Other enclaves of workers are located at Eastside Emporium, a resale thrift store, at 1215 and 1217 S. Memorial Drive. In addition, the S.H.O.P. operates a pickup and delivery service using clients and staff who pick up donated goods and foodstuffs and redistribute them to area agencies serving needy persons. Thus we are performing a valuable community service while affording the opportunity for our workers to gain valuable employment experiences while being seen as productive members of society.

Sertoma Shop major contract customers include Hilti, Love Envelopes, Mill Creek Lumber, M & M Lumber, Quik Trip, Metal Services and a host of other area firms, both large and small. The Sertoma Shop operates two workshops, one in east Tulsa and one in Owasso. We also operate a cedar shim-cedar manufacturing facility located at 222-B S. Memorial in Tulsa.


Communty Integrated Employment is supported employment and is designed to assist clients in community employment outside the SHOP. Staff who assist the clients are called Job Coaches. The Job Coaches in our program make placements of workers with developmental disabilities in competitive employment. The SERTOMA S.H.O.P. supported employment program has placed client workers in community jobs since 1985 when the program began.

The enclave working at Eastside Emporium, is located at 1215 and 1217 S. Memorial Drive. The thrift store is designed to market donated items for resale. The store opened in March 1998 and later expanded to offer more merchandise for sale.

Although community employment is not appropriate for all workers with disabilities, the S.H.O.P. is proud to have had a part in helping make it a reality for those who have demonstrated that they can function well in competitive employment.